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Adding users to your account
Adding users to your account

How to ad users and set privileges

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So, you need to add a new user to your account, perhaps one of your account steam needs to be able to download and pay invoices, or perhaps one of your tech team need to be able to raise support tickets. Our system allows you to add users and set granular permissions.

IMPORTANT - Ensure you have set the appropriate privileges when adding the users, none select will mean the user cannot perform any actions.

1. Using the nav-bar on the left-hand side, select "Account - Manage Contacts"ย 

2. In the contacts menu you can edit existing contacts or add a new one, to add a new user click "Add New Contact"

3. Fill out the user information in the above panel, they will use the email assigned here to log into DediSERVE's admin panel.

4. Select the priviliages you wish the user to have and click "Submit" (In this example, we have a tech user that can create/respond to tickets and can administrate a VM but not delete/re-build it)

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