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Navigating the DediSERVE Dashboard
Navigating the DediSERVE Dashboard

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At DediSERVE we like to keep everything in one place, to give you quick access to everything you need, here's a basic rundown of how to use our Dashboard:

The Dashboard

Using the dashboard you can access the following features;

Service quick-access

Your services will be listed here, you can scroll through the pages using the left/right icons in the top-right, or flick between services using the available tabs.

Account invoice, balance and ticket summary

Here you can see how much credit you have on your account (green), how much is currently awaiting payment (red) and below, the number of tickets open and closed.

Support tickets

Here you can open a new support ticket, view all tickets as well as gain quick access to the most recent tickets and their latest replies. For a full guide on using our support tickets, please see our ticket guide.


In our invoices widget all invoice that require payment will be listed, you can click on the invoice name to make payment, download an account statement or add funds to your account using the links provided.

From the quick links you can access account management, security, knowledgebase and out statuspage. 

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