Reset root/admin password on VM

Guide to reset the root password on your VMs

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It happens from time to time, that ultra-secure password you created turns out to be so secure that even you don't know/can't remember it! In order to re-gain access to your VMs you can simple follow the below guide:

1. Select "Services - Flexible Resources" from the side bar

2.  Select the Resource Pool you wish to work with

3. Click on the VM you'd like to edit 

4. In the VM Menu, first click the "show" button to reveal your current root/admin password, give this one last try before resetting, if no luck, proceed to the next step.

5. Click "Reset root password" and you will be informed that resetting the password will involve a VM reboot, click "OK" to proceed.

6. The VM will reboot and the new password will be visible by clicking "show" again.

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