What are my VMs running on?

Our infrastructure and Hypervisor setup

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Not all cloud providers are created equal, it's important to know what your services are actually running on to ensure you're getting the best bang for buck. At DediSERVE we spare no expense where our Infrastructure is concerned, here's a brief rundown of what your services are running on, starting from the outside-in:


Each of our Datacenters provides us with multiple external connections and redundant power feeds for our hardware. All are Tier 3/4, ISO or regional equivalent certified and staffed 24x7x365.ย 


We use only Enterprise-grade Cisco or DellEMC switching modules for our connectivity, every location has redundant switches and connections between C7000 chassis, external network and NAS.


We use HP Enterprise C7000 blade chassis in the majority of our locations, a typical host is comprised of a Compute and Storage blade pair, stocked to the gills with blazing-fast SSDs, high-end CPUs and bags of RAM. We have also begun deployment of new, high-end DellEMC servers alongside our HPE equipment. We currently have 150+ hosts active world-wide. and growing!


We realize that our customers might have a preference between Hypervisor technology, for that reason we employ both KVM and XEN virtualization suites within our deployments, giving you the option if you feel your software runs preferably on one of the two.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

Our NAS arrays are Enterprise-grade, stocked with high-end mechanical disks to provide the best cost/performance balance possible. Each of the arrays are kept separate to the main hardware to ensure your backups and templates are never on the same host as your VMs.

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