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Can I upgrade/downgrade at any time?
Can I upgrade/downgrade at any time?

Find out when and how you can upgrade/downgrade your Resources

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You might be wondering if there is any limitation on when you can upgrade/downgrade your Flexible Resource pool, you'll be happy to hear the answer is no!

As long as any outstanding invoices for the Resource pool are paid, you can upgrade/downgrade whenever you wish, our billing system will apply the following rules to your request;

  • Upgrade - Our system will create an invoice for the cost of the upgrade between right now, and when your next invoice is due, so you only pay for what you use between now and then.

  • Downgrade - Our system will calculate the price difference of the Resource pool between what it was, and what you requested it be downgraded to, this will then be applied to your account credit (as long as you have active services with us)

To find out how to upgrade/downgrade you resources check out our guide

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