Creating a Virtual Machine

Creating a virtual machine on a Dediserve Flexible Resource pool

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So, you've ordered one of our Flexible Resource pools and now need to create your first virtual machine to get going, here's how you do it;

  1. Log into your account and using the side-panel select "Services - Flexible Resources"

  2. Select the Resource pool you intend to create a VM on, for new users there may be only one.

  3. In the Resources page select "Add new server" to begin the process.

  4. Give the server a hostname, this can be changed later.

  5. Select your template OS (Windows, Linux etc), your distribution and your specific template. (Tip - CentOS is categorized under RHEL)

  6. Choose a secure password, leaving this blank will generate a random secure password. This can be changed/reset later.

  7. Select the resources to be assigned to the VM, if your pool is small this may be all of them - that is OK.

  8. Select a SWAP size, maximum allowed is 1GB - this does not affect performance as SWAP is managed at infrastructure level, not VM level - don't worry about this.

  9. Select or de-select automated snapshots, the default schedule is 1 snapshot every 24 hours.

  10. Hit create - you're done now! Allow a few minutes to create the VM and it will update. (Windows VMs can take longer due to larger template size and key activation)

Check out our quick video guide here;

If you get stuck or need any help, we're always around, just create a ticket and myself or one of the team will assist as soon as possible.

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